Preparing for the exam:
1.  Think! Do not just memorize facts.
2.  Prepare the essay questions first.
3.  Come up with a fairly detailed outline for each essay.
4.  Think of good topic sentences for each paragraph of your essay. 
5.  Use the key words of the exam question in your topic sentences.
6.  Choose good supporting evidence for your topic sentences.
7.  Use the appropriate ID terms in your essays.
8.  Learn the ID's in context.  Do not use a "flash card" approach. 
9.  Do not wait until the last minute to study.
10. Do spend extra time studying the week of the exam.
11. Make full use of the review session.
12. Do not just memorize facts. Think!
Taking the exam:
1.  Bring a blue book.  Make sure there are no pages torn out.
2.  Use pen.
3.  Don't sit by anyone with whom you studied.
4.  Plan on spending the full time writing your exam.
5.  Do the ID terms first.
6.  If you run out of time on the essay, include an outline of the material you would have covered.
7.  If you have extra time, go back and add extra info. on the ID terms.
   PLEASE NOTE:  Any student caught cheating in this class at any time (even on a two-point “sign your name” quiz) will receive a failing grade for the course.  Cheating includes the use of any notes during midterm or final exams.  Please place no marks of any kind on or in your blue book before I give the signal to begin taking the exams.
   It is not cheating to study with another student, to share notes, or to prepare essays or ID's together. However, if you do study with another students, be sure you do not sit next to each other during the exam.

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