Midterms--8 ID's, 1 essay
     Final--8 ID's, 1 essay
     ID's will be selected from the terms put on the board at the beginning of each lecture.  You will be asked, not only to identify the terms, but also to explain their historical significance.  I am impressed when students can include plenty of detailed information, but I am even more impressed when students can show how the ID terms relate to important themes discussed in this class.
     Essay questions will deal with major themes discussed in the lectures.  Most often, the exam question will be a generalization I have made in class with the additional word, "comment."
     A student who studies hard and does the required reading should have plenty to say in response to each of these questions.  You will be given 50 minutes for each midterm and two hours for the final exam.  Most students will need the full time to do a good job.
     What is a good job?  I tell students over and over again that a good essay consists of a series of good generalizations based on the exam question and backed up with specific support from the lectures and the readings.  I am particularly impressed when students include in their essays references to primary source material.