Art Marmorstein
Electronic Portfolio
Student Comments on Classes

“Art always provides a fun and enthusiastic learning environment.  He is a very tolerant and understanding individual. He makes the material covered in class understandable and good grades attainable by anyone who is willing to try hard.  He is an excellent teacher and person.”

“The course covers a lot of material and is interesting.  Art also does a good job of telling us what and how to study.  He is very willing to help us whenever we are struggling.”

“I found the lectures in this class to be enjoyable.  Art made them interesting with his changes in tone of voice. He definitely got our attention.  The amount of class participation was good too.”

“I really enjoy his enthusiasm for teaching.  It is clear he is doing what he loves, and that sets a good example for students.  Always willing to help outside of class—actually encourages it.”

 “I really appreciate the one-on-one time give to us when we got the paper back.  This really helped me out a lot.  The group discussions were good.  I like knowing what others are thinking and how they interpreted the readings.”

 “This is an excellent course. It covers a lot of material, but it covers the material well.  Art makes the lessons clear and encourages questions and comments.”

 “I think the teacher does an excellent job covering material that is sometimes difficult to understand.  He covers it and relates the material so that the whole class has a chance to understand the material.”

 “This instructor knows the content and does a good job of teaching it.  He has a good idea of what he wants to get done, but makes adjustments when needed. He is enthusiastic which helps make even the most boring material interesting. He makes people get involved.”

 “I have learned a ton from this class.  It forced me to read and think about these books in ways I hadn’t before.”

“I have taken this same professor for 4 different courses.  I do so because he provides new information in a way that helps me understand and retain the info.  I switched to a history major from social science because of him.  His classes are fun.  They are not like lectures because he always asks questions of the students that make them think and process the info. He has already provided us with.”

“Marmorstein clearly enjoys the subject matter, and more importantly, he enjoys teaching.  It is unquestionable that he holds his students in the highest regard and cares for their education.”

“He makes class very interesting.  I was never before really interested in history, but after this class I enjoy it.”

“I like the examples and stories.  Also, I like how he includes the students.  Also, I like the outlines.  It helps me organize my notes.”

“I really think that Dr. Marmorstein is a great teacher.  I feel that he pushes his students to learn.  You may need to do a lot of work to prepare for the tests, but in the end, you end up retaining much more of this information than you normally would.

“Dr. Marmorstein never forgets that we are human.  He is always willing to stop lecturing to answer questions and every so often he stops to ask us questions.”

“I found that the way he uses other sources than lecture, such as books and on-line sources, has made the material easier to understand.”

“I actually understand history.  It’s always been just a bunch of dates to me.  He makes these events seem so realistic, and he gives reasons why people did what they did.  It’s easier to relate to our lives and learn it.”

“It is very helpful that he puts thorough notes on his website.”

“I wasn’t looking forward to this class when I first registered because I’ve never found history classes all that fun. But now I’m glad I took this course. The instructor made the class enjoyable by not just spitting out dates to memorize but by telling stories.”

"Dr. Art is a wonderful instructor who inspires me to learn.”

“I’ve always liked it when the instructor interacts with students and this instructor does that frequently.”

“Art has lots of energy. He is passionate about history.

“Dr. Marmorstein teaches with such enthusiasm I find it very easy to learn and understand in this class.”

“Lectures covered so much material there was not time to get bored in class.  My hand hurt from writing so much after each class, but that was good because it meant I was paying attention.  Lecture kept my attention for the full hour.”

“He answers questions in ways that make people feel good, rather than stupid.”

“He made the class fun.  I actually would want to come to class!”

“You know, I despise history classes, but I heard Marmorstein was a good teacher so I took his class.  He teaches the class really well, and he makes it interesting. It’s not just lecture after lecture about the boring old western civilization.  He puts a little jazz into history.”

“Marmorstein is hilarious!  He picks on you if he knows you, but he keeps the classes attention that way.  His variety of voices are what I like.  Monotone lecture is too boring for a history class.  And he grades quite fairly.”

“Art is an exceptional teachers.  I have been in many history classes where the teacher lectures and lectures and I don’t get anything from it.  Not Art.  He makes class exciting.  He gets into his lectures and shows enthusiasm.  I have learned more about history in this one class than ever before.”

“The course material is sometimes difficult to learn, but Art teaches it in a way that is easy for students to learn and remember.”

“His courses are very interesting.  I am a history minor going into teaching.  I have decided to use his teaching style when I teach.”

“He has a great sense of humor and his lecture are vivid and full of energy.”

“Even if you give a wrong answer in class, he turns it so it is not really wrong.  This encourages students to participate.”

“He makes the class go by fast with his intriguing stories and sense of humor.  He makes history fun and makes the student want to learn more.”

“This class was difficult, but very interesting.  Out of all my classes this semester, I learned the most from Civ.”

“I thought I knew a lot about history.  I was humbled the first day in class by the depth of Art’s knowledge and the aspects I had never considered.  His upbeat approach is very enjoyable.”

“I have learned so much this semester.  I enjoyed coming everyday just to learn more about history.”

“I’ve enjoyed being in Marmorstein’s class.  I’ve learned a lot.  He’s easy to understand.  His tests are challenging, yet not so hard I don’t know what to study for.”

“Mr. Marmorstein does an excellent job of teaching this class.  I though this was going to be a boring class, but I look forward to going to it every day.

“I feel very prepared before all quizzes and tests.  His energy and enthusiasm makes the classroom and ideal and effective learning environment.”

“He keeps students involved in lectures, he makes sure they are doing well in his class, other classes, and life.  It is very hard to find a teacher that is so compassionate.”

“Mr. M. puts himself in the students’ shoes and, in this way, serves to better teach the subject matter.  He’s very open to comments and questions, and is always willing to help in any way he can.”

“He makes us feel at home and doesn’t try to hide behind the jokes (which would be hard, judging from his jokes).”

“Before class today, another student and I came to the conclusion that this class is like a buffet.  Everything is easy to gain access to, but not spoon-fed to us.  We have to do the required reading and study questions to understand the material, but these tasks are not difficult.”

“Respect was shown for individual ideas.  The teacher was able to relate to the students by name.  Encouragement was given to think on our own—even if the teacher did not agree with some of our thoughts.”