Ryan Jacobson

October 19, 1998

Course:  Civics

Grade:   8th

Unit:      Challenges Our Economy Faces

Unit Objectives:

- To understand the effects inflation has on the economy.
- To understand the "boom" and "bust" of the business cycle.
- To understand the relationship between labor and management.

Lesson Objectives:

Students will be able to:

1.  Discuss and explain working conditions between 1800 and 1850 which lead
to the rise              of labor unions.
2.  List methods used by labor unions to obtain higher wages and better
working                      conditions.
3.  List methods used by employers to combat union actions.


1.  Textbook section on Labor and Management; Chapter 19, sec. 3
2.  Section 3 questions


1.  Introduction

2.  15-20 minute presentation/discussion of sec. 3 material.

A.  Working conditions of the past.
B.   Rise of labor unions.
C.   Methods used by labor.
D.   Methods used by employers.

 3.  Conclusion

A.  Questions over covered material


Textbook, American Civics