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Students interested in studying history at Northern State University have several programs from which to choose. The particular program you pick should be determined by your career plans, discussions with your advisor, and other factors.  But no matter which program you choose, you will take up-to-date classes taught by instructors dedicated to their craft and your success.  You will find your program stimulating, challenging, and enjoyable.

History Major
NSU offers two history majors. If you want to major in history and do not want to enter teaching, then opt for the Bachelor of Arts in History degree (BA).  If you want to major in history and want to enter teaching, then opt for the Bachelor of Science in Education - History degree (BSEd).  These two bachelor degrees  have the same history requirements, but the BSEd has students fulfill a teacher certification in lieu of a minor in a specific field. Of course, a minor (or more) can be added.

Social Science Major
While not a history major, the Bachelor of Science in Education - Social Science Major (BSEd) has (at least) 24 credit hours of history required.  This program also provides the courses needed for certification at the secondary level in geography, economics, government, sociology, psychology, and history. Like the BSEd in History, this program requires students complete a teacher certification program in lieu of a minor.

History Minor
If you would like to study history but do not want to make the investment required of a major, then perhaps a minor is right for you.  While Northern's history major (both BA and BSEd) totals 39 credit hours, the history minor totals 27.  Worth noting is that in the last few years the number of history minors at NSU has doubled.  The NSU history minor combines the firm foundation and breadth of fields that characterizes the major, but with fewer total classes.

As this site is updated, you will be able to find requirements for each of the following Department of History, Geography, and Philosophy program:

History Education
Social Science for Teachers
History minor
Social Science Minor
Philosophy Minor

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