Class:  American History
Unit:  The Great Depression
Topic:  The "dust bowl" of the American Plains.
Unit objectives: The student will understand the impact of the "dust
bowl" on the American Plains.

Specific Objectives:
A. Students will explain the impact of the "dust bowl" by listing 8 to
10 aspects of this impact on the 1930's. B. Students will describe the
four main points of the "dust bow" and how it effected agricultural
life in the 1930's. C. Students will compare and contrast
foreclosures, migration, and unemployment in the 1930's, with 90%
accuracy. D. Students will identify 5 causes of the Great Depression
and how they effected agriculture with 100% accuracy.

A. Textbook section on the Great Depression, Chapter 13.
B. The use of interactive CD-ROM that covers the Great Depression in
the 1930's. C. Discussion Questions: 1. Identification- Define Oakies,
what was their role during the Great Depression? 2. Which five states
were affected the worst during the Great Depression? 3. What did FDR
do to try and stop the Great Depression 4. Did people of the 1930's
keep their faith in capitalism during the Great Depression?

Key Point:
 How and why did the conditions of the "dust bowl" region, affect
 other parts of the country.

A. Introduction
1. Create a graphic overview for the class.
2. Guest speaker on the Great Depression.
3. Divide into groups and discuss the Great Depression, with
discussion sheet. 4. Develop a graph that shows the difference in crop
growth during the Great Depression versus previous years. B.
Conclusion 1. Draw parallels of the "dust bowl" economy with the
economy of today. 2. Questions over material covered.

 Computer lab
 Chalk Board
 Movie-"Grapes of Wrath"