European Dominance

I. Americas
 A. Columbus
 B. Took over America
  1. Carved up land
  2. Replaced native ways
   a. language
   b. cultural ideas
   c. political ideas
   d. religion
II. Africa
 A. Sub-Saharan Africa (around 1600)
  1. Trade
   a. Europe provide manufactured goods
   b. Africa provide ivory, gold, diamonds,
   c. Slave trade (people most valuable)
    i. already existed amongst tribes
    ii. intensified by Europeans
    iii. tribes friendly to Europeans get an advantage
     1. weapons
   d. Europeans colonize (can’t trade with fighting people)
    i. France, England, Portugal, Belgium
  2. Technology and medicine better
III. Australia
 A. Great Britain
  1. Used Australia for prisoners
IV. Asia
 A. India
  I. Interest around 1600 (esp. English)
   a. East India Company
    i. started by Elizabeth I
    ii. import goods to Britain
    iii. trade increase
    iv. begins in Bengal province
 v. expands over the next several centuries
b. Prone to conflict and violence
    i. Muslim minority ruled a Hindu majority
    ii. English protected trading posts
     a. soldiers
     b. mercenaries
    iii. Bengal wants East India Company out
     a. Bengal army vs. Rbt. Clive & soldiers
     b. Clive wins
    iv. Same problems in other provinces
   c. Significance
    i. One British Company came to dominate India
     a. 37,000 soldiers, 225,000 mercenaries
    ii. Control of India for 100 years
   d. Retaliation
    i. 1857 Sepay Rebellion
     a. genocide against Europeans
     b. British forces of Queen Victoria win
     c. European felt it was their job to transform society
  2. White Man’s Burden
   a. Europeans had a “superior” culture
   b. Duty/responsibility to share their culture with others
    i. culture
    ii. religion
    iii. technology
    iv. everything else
   c. Europeans expected to be hated (a burden worth bearing)
   d. If it wasn’t a burden, it was a failure
  3. Hinduism
   a. 1,500 years old
   b. Practices called for a new leading
   c. Polytheistic society
    i. Goddess Kali
     a. In Calcutta
     b. ugly
     c. thugs kill travels in her name
    ii. Juggernaut
     a. wagon filled with idols
     b. people throw themselves and others in front of it
      1. believe death is path to better life
      2. reincarnated into better person
iii. child prostitution
     a. worshipped sex
   d. Reincarnation
i. believed death was good and led to reincarnation as
something better
  3. Caste System
   a. Social structure of India
   b. Poor have nothing, wealthy have everything
   c. Couldn’t move outside of economic group very easily
    i. Hope in reincarnation
     a. Live a good life=higher caste in next life
 B. China