Unit Plan

Course:  American History

Teacher:  Miss Angie Weber                              Duration:  Ten Days (Two Weeks)

Unit Title:  English Colonies in North America  Grade Level:

Purpose of the Unit:
This unit is designed to explain the reasons why the thirteen colonies
gained a foothold in North America.  At the completion of the unit,
students will have a clearer understanding of the reasons the English
came to North America, why the English settled along the Eastern coast
of North America, and the weaknesses of early colonial life.

Goals of the Unit:
The goals of this unit are for students to:
Understandthe reasons for English colonization.
Developan awareness for religious freedom.
Understandthe impact of colonization on America.
Understandhow history is relevant to his/her daily lives.

Instructional Objectives of the Unit:
Upon completion of this unit of study, students should be able to:
Listand Identify the New England, Middle, and Southern
Explainthe purpose of the Mayflower Compact.
Compareand contrast the three types of English colonies in
Discussthe effects of the Navigation Acts on the colonies.
Compareand contrast the economic systems of the colonies.
Explainwhy blacks were brought to America against his/her
Analyzethe English colonial policy in America.
Listreasons for political unrest in the American colonies
    during the mid-1700's.
Discussthe importance of the Albany Plan of Union.

Unit Overview:
Throughout this unit, students will be developing a map of the English
colonies.  Information for the map will be derived from class lectures and=
assigned readings.  The overall instructional model is that of concept
attainment.  The students will be pre-assessed on the information and
assessment will follow throughout the unit and center on the following:
Whatwere the three major reasons the English wanted to
    colonize North America?  Students will develop an
    understanding for these concepts after analyzing the
    importance of farming, ranching, and religion to him/her.
Studentswill expand this knowledge to the concept of
    colonization and the organization of the English colonies.
    This concept will be used to identify the New England,
    Middle, and Southern colonies on a chapter quiz.
Whatare some of the physical properties of the colonies?
    Students will explain the physical properties the colonies,
    which made farming and ranching both good and bad.
Why were slaves brought to America in the 1600=92s?
    Students will look at reasons for growth in African-
    American slavery and the effects it would have on later
    Southern slavery, by researching slavery, both in the South
    and throughout the United States.

Assessment of Student Achievement:
For this unit, assessment of student achievement will be monitored
throughout the chapter.  Grades will be evaluated on the following basis:
Studentparticipation of in class discussion, homework, class
    work, and reflection papers.
Weeklyquizzes on the content.