Course: American History
Teacher: Mr. Jason Forrest
Unit Title: Civil War
Duration of Unit: 15 days
Grade Level: 11

Purpose of the Unit
        This unit is to develop students' understanding of the country's
Civil War.  At the     completion of the unit, students should have a clear
understanding of the Civil War and         the reasons for the War, the
people that were significant in the war, the advantages of         both
sides, the battles that were fought, and the agreements made at the end of
the war.

Rationale of the Unit
        This unit is important because it increases the knowledge of the
student about the history      of the country and the struggles to become a
nation.  This can increase the students    confidence in courses that are
similar to this.  The basic understanding of the Civil war       will help
the students to have a understanding of how this country was started.

Goals of the Unit
        Upon completion of this unit of study, students should be able to

        1.  List at least 10 reasons leading up to the Civil War,
        2.  List the states that made up the Union.
        3.  List the states that made up the Confederacy.
        4.  Explain 5 advantages of the Union during the Civil war.
        5.  Explain 5 advantages of the Confederacy during the Civil War.
        6.  Identify and describe 3 of the most significant people during the
Civil War.
        7.  Demonstrate an understanding of who won the War and why.
        8.  Demonstrate an understanding of the agreements that ended the war.

Unit review

        During this unit the, students will be developing paper on who they
think was the most  influential person during the Civil war.  Information for
this paper, can be found from the     lecture notes, the library, Internet,
and student readings.  The overall instructional model    is that of concept
attainment.  Important to this is an understanding of the people at the
beginning of the unit.  The pre-assessment and the continuing assessment of
their people        will center on the following:

        1.  Why did the Civil War take place and what were the reasons of the
Union and the          Confederacy to decide to go to war?  Students will
develop the reasoning for war by             discovering the events leading
up to war.
        2.  Students will further their understanding of the Civil War
through discovery of many             of the significant people that
participated in the Civil War.  The students will do this        through the
development of their paper and further information searching.
        3.  What were the advantages of each of the sides during the War?
Students will be able              to determine the advantages of both sides
through lecture, videos, and CD-ROM                            programs that
deal with the Civil War.
        4.  What were the conditions that both sides agreed to, ending the
Civil War?  Students              will further their knowledge through
working in groups to determine the agreements              upon both sides
that ended the Civil War.

Assessment of Student Achievement

        For this unit, assessment of student achievement will be both
formative and summative.          Formative evaluation will be done by
checklists of student behavior, knowledge, and     skills.  Summative
evaluation will be based on the following:

        1.  Student participation through the completion of daily
assignments, class work,           discussions, and the student behavior
        2.  Weekly quizzes on content.
        3.  Unit test.