Class: Social Studies

Unit: Civil War

Topic: What did both sides want?

Unit Objective: The students will understand why both sides wouldn't or =
couldn't compromise.

Specific Objectives:

        1.. Students will explain why the south left the union by =
listing 3 reasons.
        2.. Students will describe where the war was fought by listing 3 =
different battle sights.
        3.. Students will compare and contrast slavery and debate why it =
was an important issue.

        1.. Textbook section on the civil war.
        2.. Discussion questions:
        1.. Why was slavery the main issue?
        2.. How did women contribute to the war?
        3.. Who was the North and who was the South?
        1.. The use of slides to portray a more realistic image of what =
the war was like.
Key Point: Why and how the civil war was fought and what effect it has =
on our country today.


A. Introduction=20

        1.. Create an overview for the class.
        2.. Create a time frame.
        3.. Divide into groups and discuss reasons why the war fought.
        4.. Lecture on who the South and North were and what they stood =
        5.. Use a film projector to display more realistic images.
        1.. Conclusion:
        1.. Explain about today's society and how the civil war affected =
        2.. Any questions over material


Film Projector