A degree in history is excellent preparation for a number of careers.  Most students at Northern who have a history major are training to become teachers at the secondary level.  Generally, graduates like these are most successful in finding teaching jobs when they combine their history credential with certification in another field.  But a growing number of our majors are using their history degrees to enter other professions.  A few of the more popular fields include:

    A history minor is a natural addition to any major which stresses writing, reading, and making interpretations.  So even if you don't take a major in history, you can still benefit from learning the unique perspective historians have regarding their work.

    Your history courses at NSU will stress thinking and expressive skills through plenty of reading, writing, and presenting.  At larger colleges, graduate students often teach introductory classes and grade schoolwork.  Exams are "fill in the circle"  type and machine scored.  But at Northern, your instructor will be a professional historian with a Ph.D. in his field.  Most of your exams at NSU will be essay and you will write numerous papers, research and review.  The history faculty at NSU are dedicated to preparing you for your future by making you a broader thinker and more effective writer. You will find the history courses you take relevant to your future, plus fun and exciting!

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