Rebecca Burrell
SEED 415
Classroom Game

Psych Scattergory

This is a game that I would use in a Psychology class, but there would be modifications depending on the knowledge level and grade level.

First divide up the class into their teams.  This will differ amongst classes due to size and ability.  For larger classes they can be put with groups and for small classes they can have partners or work individually.  If the game is played with beginners it would be more beneficial to have groups or partners.

The rules are the same as they are in regular Scattergory.  They will need to have pieces of paper and a pen/pencil.  Each group will be given a card with the topics on it (which is face down until the time is started).  The teacher will role the letter dice and that will be the letter used.  The time can vary, that is at the teacher discretion.  Scoring is done in the following way: 1 point correct answer, 2 points original answer, and 0 points for a wrong or a blank answer.  The winners of the game can receive extra credit or some type of treat.

The same card can be used many times, but as many cards can be made as necessary.  This is a game that would be used more as a final review, unless the cards were made unit or chapter specific.

Sample Card Categories:

Personality Disorder:
Part of the Brain:
Psychology Term:
Behavior Disorder:
Sign of a Mental Disorder:
A Theory:
A Psychology Profession:

This is card that I would use at a higher level.  The students would have to be knowledgeable is many areas to complete this.  I made a few of the questions open to many different ideas.  I feel this game could be very fun and effective if the right categories were presented.