Tina Breidenbach
SEED 515

Lesson Name:  Who Needs Geography?

Subject: Geography,  Grade: 10  Time: 50 minutes

Materials:  Internet in room/print materials in room, marker board/markers, syllabus.

Lesson Summary:  As 10th graders, students are starting to think about what they want to “be when they grow up”.  This lesson will explore the idea that ALL professions relate to geography in some way or another.  By starting the year off with this lesson, students will be able to relate their future to what they are doing right now and see a purpose for the things that we will study.

Instructional Objectives:

 The students will be able to...

Key Point:  All disciplines can relate to geography.  Whether it is math, science, history, language arts, or physical education, the study of geography can help a student tie what they are learning in other classes to what they are learning in geography and tie them to the “real world”.


Assessment: Closure:

In an effort to introduce geography as a worthy field of study, the teacher will reinforce her argument by handing out the syllabus for the following semester and reviewing all the regions that will be studied.  The occupations that have been discussed could be tied in to the material here.  8-10 minutes