The game of Jeopardy can be used as a very effective review game for any type of Social Science class. I used it by breaking the chapter into five categories. Then I developed five questions for the areas and varied their difficulty. The easier the question the lower the point total. I began with one hundred points and ended with five hundred. In the game I mixed in two daily doubles. By doing this I allowed the students to take chances and gain confidence in their knowledge. I wrote out the categories on the board and listed the values. I also had a sheet made up with the questions and answers to make it go smoother. As a square was used up I would erase it to illeviate any problems. It is a very effective way to review that provides a fun atmosphere.

Soft Toss & Block

This game allows you to ask a wide variety of review questions and allows for fun at the same time. You begin by dividing up into teams. Then you proced to ask questions. Whatever team has the correct answer then has to make a decision: if they want to shoot a basket or try to defend the basket.  If you successfully make or block a basket you receive a point. You also receive a point for a correct answer.

Match Game

This game allows the students to interact with each other while learning at the same time. To play this you must make cards that match. They can have anything from names to events on them. Then distribute them among the class and allow them to go around the room and ask for clues to what they have.  Then if they have an idea they have to try and match up with their partner in the class. This must be done without looking at the card. The first to complete it is the winner. This can be repeated as many times as neccessry.