Bacon and Descartes

I.  Intro.
II.  Sources of knowledge and certainty
    A.  Authority
    B.  Experience
    C.  Reason
III.  Problems with authority in the 17th century
IV.  Sir Francis Bacon (Scientific Method)
    A.  Background
    B.  Basic method
    C.  Division of knowledge into fields/subfields
    D.  Idols to avoid
         1.  Tribe--limitations as human beings
         2.  Cave (Den)--prejudice as a result of our own previous experiences
         3.  Marketplace--language (the means of exchange) occasionally misleading
         4.  Theater--great philosophic systems blind us to exceptions/possible alternatives
    E.  Application of method
    F.  The real importance of Bacon
    G.  Weaknesses of Bacon's method
V.  Descartes
    A.  Background
    B.  Unhappiness w/traditional studies
    C.   Descartes' method (Discourse on Method)
        1.  Doubt everything that can be doubted
        2.  Divide big problem into smaller parts
        3.  Move in an orderly way from simple to complex
        4.  Make sure nothing is left out (make proof rigorous)
    D.  Provisional rules
        1.  Obey laws/customs of country
        2.  Be resolute
        3.  Change self rather than society
        4.  Choose best occupation
    E.  Application of method to metaphysics
    F.  Application of method to physical world
    G.  Return to metaphysics (Meditations)
        1.  Modifications of traditional proofs of the existence of God
            a.  First cause argument
            b.  Argument from design
            c.  Ontological argument
    H.  Weaknesses in Descartes' method