I.    Introduction
II.    Early America as Land of Economic Freedom

The prudent, penniless beginner in the world labors for wages awhile, saves a surplus with which to buy tools or land for himself, then labors on his own account another while, and at length hires a new beginner to help him.  If any continue through life in the condition of the hired laborer, it is not the fault of the system, but because of either a dependent nature which prefers it, or improvidence, folly, or singular misfortune. – Abraham Lincoln (1859)

III.    Changes/Conditions of Labor in the Later 19th  Century
IV.    Knights of Labor
A.    Basic ideas/goals/methods
B.    Haymarket Riot and its Affect on the Knights (1876)
V.    A.F.L. (Samuel Gompers)
VI.    Strikes and Their Results
A.    Homestead Strike (1892)
B.    Pullman Strike, Riots (1894)