Jeff Althoff
Social Science Methods
October 2003

Where is your teacher????

This game, as I am sure you can guess, is a spin off of the wonderful series Carmen Sandiago. In this game, the teacher comes up with a place or event in history. In an attempt to find the teacher, the students are broken up

The students are broken up into two groups. After being broken up a quarter is flipped to determine which team is to be the detective, and which team is to be the clue master. Each team will be given equal opportunities to be each role. After the teams have been divided, each team needs to come up with a captain and team name. During the course of the game, the only person who can guess where the teacher is located is the captain, however it is important that students cooperate and discuss among themselves possible answers and methods of deduction.
The game begins with the teacher telling the clue masters where he/she is located. Each member of the clue master team needs to create a clue which will be given to the detective team. For each clue required by the detectives to figure out where the teacher is, a point will be given to the detectives. After the location/event that the teacher is at is discovered, the total points will be added up and given to the detectives, and the roles of the two teams will be reversed. If all clues have been used up, and no solution has been found, the detective team will receive 5 additional points and the roles will be reversed. The team with the fewest points wins the game.

By doing this activity, students are not only given a chance to deduce where the teacher is through the use of clues, but the students are also given a chance to come up with clues/details about the location/event where the teacher is located. Students should be reminded that they need to give clues that are accurate in fear that the other team can retaliate and give false clues to them in return.

Example/questions for Where’s the Teacher game:

Place/Event: Signing of Declaration of Independence
Clues:  took place in the city of brotherly love
  A bell was rung
  George Washington was not present
  Slavery was a major issue that almost ended the event
  Ben Franklin was present
  Some of our nation’s first presidents were in attendance
  The weather was unbearably warm
  Was in some eyes, an act of treason
  Expressed the convictions of the minds and hearts of Americans
  Richard Henry Lee of Virginia brought the debate to the table
  John Dunlap, official printer to the Congress, reproduced the document
Signatures on the bottom of the page reflected the location of the colony the individual represented with one exception

Place/Event: Appomattox Court House
Clues:  The end for an army of approximately 30000 tired and worn out men
  Palm Sunday
  Meeting took place in the parlor of Wilmer McLean
  The surrender of an army
Terms of surrender allowed for the losing side to keep their property, including side arms.
A Seneca Indian and former chief of the Iroquois Nation was in charge of insuring the treaty copied
Located in Central Virginia
Virtually ended the Civil War