(James Krause)

This is a takeoff of the original college bowl game that appeared on television so many years ago. This adaptation will have high school social studies students forming four teams under their emblem of a heart, club, diamond or spade. Each team should have at least one ‘expert’ to equalize the fairness factor. Each team member must write out and answer four questions from the text or material being covered so that each student knows for sure four answers. All of the students’ questions will be placed in a box from which a question will be randomly selected by the teacher or a member of a team for each round of question and answer. The teacher shuffles the deck of cards and has a student cut the cards. A team is dealt a card by the teacher and they will show the card to the class. Whatever team is that suit gets the question and the cards value for points if answered correctly. If that team can not answer, they get no points and the unanswered question is put back into the box. The playing card that determined the suit and the team to play that round is discarded into a discard pile. The game goes until all the questions are answered. The student will receive individual participation points and bonus points as per their final team standing.