Pass the Chicken
Students, review questions, and a rubber chicken are the only things needed in order for this game to work.Before the game begins, the students should be sitting in a circle on the floor.The teacher selects one person to be “it” and they will receive a rubber chicken (provided by the teacher).Next, the teacher will ask the student, holding the rubber chicken, to “Name five U.S. Presidents and pass the chicken!”While the rubber chicken is being passed around the circle, the student has to name five U.S. Presidents before the chicken gets back into their hands.If the rubber chicken returns to the hands of the original holder, then that person is still “it.”If the student answers the question before the rubber chicken returns to him/her, then the student holding the rubber chicken is the new “it.”The object of the game is to not get caught with the rubber chicken!

Possible review ideas:


Name five religious beliefs of the world.

What is the Monroe Doctrine?

Name five of the seven continents.

What was the Populist Party?

Name five alphabet agencies from the New Deal.

Name five major bodies of water.

Name five types of climate.

*Note: This game can be adapted for any subject area in the social science—geography, government, history, etc.Don’t be a chicken and play the game!