Please read all of II Samuel and be prepared to discuss the following questions.  Please choose one of these questions to answer on the blog.

1.  The author of Samuel seems to view David as almost an ideal monarch.  What's so good about David?  Why is he so popular?  Why are individual acquaintances so fond of him?  Why are the people of Israel so ready to follow him?

2.  What is David's basic relationship to Saul and his family?  Does he deal wisely with Saul?  With Jonathan?  Why does he spare Saul's life?  Why does he not openly rebel against Saul?  How do you explain his reaction to the news of Saul's death?

3.  What seems to be David's primary weakness?  Why is David weak in this particular area?

4.  What is David's relationship with Michal?  Does he treat her fairly?

5.  How does David actually become king?  Where does he get his supporters?  What does he have going for him?

6.  What is the relationship between Joab and David?  Which has the clearer understanding of political realities?

7.  What do you make of a man like Abner?  Why does he fight for Ishbosheth?  Why does he turn on Ishbosheth?

8.  Note particularly God's covenant with David in 2 Samuel 7.  How does David contrast with Saul in regard to religious affairs?

9.  How does David's affair with Bathsheba compare to Saul's disobedience?  Which man is the worse sinner?  How does each man react when confronted with their own wrongdoing?

10.  What are the consequences of David's sin?  Does he get off too lightly?

11.  Why does David have problems with his own family?  Why in particular the problems with Amnon and Absalom?

12.  Why does Absalom's rebellion succeed initially?  Why does it eventually fail?

13.  The Bible calls David "a man after God's own heart."  How could this be?  What would God see in a man like David?

14.  Look carefully at 2 Samuel 22.  What does this chapter show about David?

15.  The writer of II Samuel clearly admires David, yet he includes many incidents that are not to the king's credit.  Why?