20th Century Art, Music, and Literature

I.  Introduction: main tendencies

II.  Music
    A.  Atonal Music (Schoenberg) (A few Schoenberg piano works linked here)
    B.  Aleatoric Music (Cage, Stravinsky)  (Cage Quotes)

III. Painting
    A.  Cubism
    B.  Dada
    C.  Pop Art
    D.  Abstract Expressionism
    E.  Surrealism (also a style of literature)

IV. Poetry
    A.  T.S. Eliot

V.  Novels
    A.  James Joyce ("stream of consciousness" style/Ulysses, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man)
    B.  Samuel Beckett (Molloy)
         (Here's a typical passage from Molloy)

VI.  Theater
    A.  Beckett ("theater of the absurd"/Waiting for Godot)
    B.  Ionesco (Bald Soprano, A Stroll through the Air)

VII.  Existentialist writers
    A.  Jean-Paul Sartre

VIII.  Attempts to Shock
    A.  Genet
    B.  Arabel

IX.  The Wrong Turn?