Please read all of I Corinthians for Thursday and II Peter and Jude for next Tuesday.  Record your thoughts on these books in your journals.  You may if you like address some of the following questions.

1.  If you were to come up with a recipe for ending/preventing division in the church (or any organization), what would it be?

2.  What are the strengths of the church at Corinth?

3.  What seem to be the main issues dividing the Corinthians?

4.  What does Paul mean when he talks about "carnal" and "spiritual" people?  How is the distinction between carnal and spiritual important to the problem of division within the church?

5.  How does Paul suggest Christians deal with moral questions?  What does he suggest Christians not do?

6.  What is Paul's advice on marriage and family issues?  In what way are these issues tied to the problem of division in the church?

7.  In I Corinthians 10, Paul talk about people being "baptized in a cloud and in the sea."  What's going on here?  What point is Paul trying to make?

8.  How does Paul address the disputes the Corinthians have in regard to religious worship liturgical elements such as the Lord's supper?

9.  How does Paul deal with the doctrinal issues that divided the Corinthian church?

10.  How does Jude suggest one can identify heretical leaders?  What are the motives of these leaders?  What are their actions?

11.  How do you explain the references to Enoch?  What is Jude's point here?

12.  What is Jude's basic answer to the problem of division within the church?

13.  How is II Peter similar to Jude?  How is it different?
How do you explain the similarities?

14.  According to Peter, how can one recognize heretical leaders?

15.  What is Peter's attitude toward Paul?

16.  What do Paul, Peter, and Jude have in common in terms of the way the deal with division within the church?