I.  Importance of Unity in the Church

II.  Reasons for division

III.  Possible Solutions

IV.  Paul's Solution in I Corinthians
    A.  Background to Corinthians
    B.  How Paul deals with division in the Corinthian church
        1.  Refusal to support denominationalism
        2.  Refusal to countenance theological disputes
            a.  Rejection of "Greek" wisdom
            b.  Rejection of "Jewish" wisdom
                (N.B.  The way to appear wise among both Jews and Greeks is to create division, to show that your ideas are better than anyone else's.)
        3.  Emphasis on Holy Spirit/Wisdom from Holy Spirit
        4.  Emphasis on Sanctification/Rejection of legalism
        5.  Provides guidelines for dealing with moral issues
            a.  Decisive break with those committing clear sins
            b.  Insistence that church can deal w/moral issues
            c.  Insistence that we can't change God's rules
            d.  Proper spirit w/dealing with problems
        6.  Guidelines for avoiding sexual immorality
        7.  Love: the real answer to the problem of division
        8.  Settles disputes on church practice
            (prayer, prophecy, tongues, communion)
9.    Settles doctrinal disputes(Emphasis on resurrection)

    V.  Jude
        A.  Background
        B.  Identification of "heretical" leaders
            1. actions
            2. motivations
            3. methods
            4. speech
            5. doctrine
        C.  Jude's way of dealing with false teachers

    VI.  II Peter
        A.  Background: similarity to Jude
        B.  Problem addressed: gnosticism
        C.  Assurance to those who are on the right track
            1.  Ultimate goal?        
            2.  Eyewitness testimony
            3.  Prophecy
            4.  Ultimate ground of assurance
        D.  Motives of false teachers
        E.  Affirmation of judgment

    VIII.  What Peter, Paul, and Jude have in common