Sample lesson plans

 Chief Standing Bear (Clint Lewis)
 Mumification (Brian Haak)
 World War II (Casey Hanson)
 The Civil War (Chris Moen)
 The Civil War (Brandon Ritter)
 The Lakota (Wade Charron)
 U.S. Open Tennis--Geography! (Wade Charron)
 Colonization of New England (Jory Wipf)
 Civil War Motivations (Travis Gormley)
 WW II Introduction (Angie Weber)
 Charlemagne (Jory Wipf)
 Settlement of the English Colonies in North America (Angie Weber)
 Taxes (Greg Slaathaug)
 Imperial Rome (Jory Wipf)
 Economic Challenges (Ryan Jacobson)
 Ad Attack! (Amber Nash)
 The Puritans: Who they Are, Why they Moved (Jory Wipf)
 Supply and Demand (Colleen Meisenheimer)
 Wounded Knee (Dara Bowser)
 Star-Spangled Banner (Jarvis Wipf)
 Pearl Harbor (Connie Mogen)
 Social Structure, Status, and Roles (Connie Mogen)
 South Asia (Mike Larson)
 Who Needs Geography? (Tina Breidenbach)
 Pro-Sports Mania (U.S. Geography/Major Cities Learning Activity) (Tina Breidenbach)
 Micronesia (Josh Trandall)
 Bikini Atoll (Josh Trandall)
 Creating the United States (Dina Rush)
 Political Self Analysis: How Conservative/Liberal Are You? (James Krause)

Unit Plans

 English Colonies in North America (Angie Weber)
 The Civil War (Jason Forrest)
 The Great Depression (Greg Slaathaug)
 The War in Vietnam (Greg Slaathaug)