History of Government Documents

The Beulah Williams Library of Northern State University was designated a federal depository in 1963. It is one of eight federal depositories serving the residents of the Congressional  District at Large. Northern State University is situated in Aberdeen, which is in the northeast section of South Dakota. The depository collection currently represents approximately 24% of the item number categories distributed by the Government Printing Office. Items in the collection are available in paper, microfiche, and various electronic formats. Subject emphasis for item numbers received is based on the teaching and research needs of the academic programs on campus as well as the needs of the residents of the Congressional District at Large.

Areas where emphasis is placed include agriculture, business, and education. Publications from the Department of Agriculture are acquired for the use of farmers, consumers, home gardeners, agri-businesses, etc. Publications of the Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration are acquired to support the curriculum of the School of Business as well as the commercial needs of the general public. In addition, many statistical publications of the Census Bureau and other agencies are acquired. Publications of the Department of Education are acquired extensively and in depth. In addition, a complete file of ERIC documents is purchased and maintained. This collection supports the teacher education and counseling programs of the University, and the needs of community educators and parents.

Beulah Williams Library is also a South Dakota State depository. In addition, government information from other states can be accessed through our Government Documents Web pages.