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The Williams Library of Northern State University was designated a federal depository in 1963. It is one of eight federal depositories serving the residents of the Congressional District at Large. The depository collection currently represents approximately 24% of the item number categories distributed by the Government Printing Office. Items in the collection are available in paper, microfiche, and various electronic formats.

Williams Library is also a South Dakota State depository. In addition, government information from other states can be accessed through our Government Documents Web pages.

Federal Government Resources
Find documents from federal agencies, the three branches of government, and subject-specific sites that deal with the arts, health, statistics, the sciences, and more.

State of South Dakota Government Resources
Find a wealth of information produced by South Dakota state agencies and the branches of state government.

International Government Resources
Find meta sites with links to a wide range of international documents and organizations, as well as links to specific international organizations.

Primary Sources in Government Documents
Government documents offer a treasure trove of primary source materials in American history. Find a variety of links to government sites that link to documents such as the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and more.

Finding Government Documents
Items in the Government Documents Collection are labeled and shelved using the Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) classification System. Find out how this classification system works.

Citing Government Resources
Find links to a variety of resources that will help you cite the government documents you use in your research.

History of the NSU Collection
NSU is one of eight federal depositories serving the residents of the South Dakota Congressional District at Large. This page offers information about the history of the government documents collection and the types of materials collected.