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Read to students or listen to them read.  
Work with individual students or small groups of students. 
Observe the teacher’s planning, implementation, and assessment. 
Begin keeping a notebook of art ideas, bulletin board displays, book titles, instructional 
materials, management techniques, and teaching strategies. 
Supervisory Requirements for the Cooperating Teacher 
Student Evaluation 
The Student Evaluation Form is to be completed and signed by the cooperating teacher and returned to 
the EPSY 302 Educational Psychology instructor.   
Cooperating Teachers will assess the candidate's dispositions (attitudes and beliefs) in three areas:  
Candidates demonstrate fairness by meeting the educational needs of all students in a caring, 
nondiscriminatory and equitable manner;  
Candidates believe that all students can learn; and  
 Candidates demonstrate professionalism and dedication to teaching.   
The instructor of EPSY 302 Educational Psychology will assess the fourth disposition:  
Candidates model professional growth through continued learning and reflective practice. 
Students will self‐evaluate all four dispositions.   
This information serves as a formative assessment of the candidate as well as documentation for 
program review. 
Successful completion of the Sophomore Field Experience is necessary to continue onto the Teacher 
Education Program.  A disposition rating of 1 in any category will result in an unsuccessful Sophomore 
Field Experience and may result in remediation. 
Application for Admission to Teacher Education 
Students in all education programs must apply and be admitted to teacher education before enrolling in 
upper division professional education courses.  Admission to teacher education is based on:   
Successful completion of the Pre‐Professional Skills Test (PPST):  Reading 173, Writing 172, Math 
Cumulative grade average of 2.60 or higher 
Major grade average of 2.60 or higher 
Completion of EPSY 302 with a grade of C or higher 
Evaluation from cooperating teacher and EPSY 302 instructor 
Successful completion of the Sophomore Field Experience 
Completion of ENGL 101 Composition I with a grade C or higher 
Completion of SPCM 101 Introduction to Speech (or equivalent) with a grade C or higher 
Recommendation of the advisor 
Signature of the Dean of the School of Education 
Completed application for Admission to Teacher Education
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