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Student Professional Responsibilities and Requirements 
A student’s conduct should reflect that expected of a professional educator. The school has the 
authority and the responsibility to refuse an individual the privilege of this field experience or to 
discontinue the experience at any time for any reason it feels is justified. 
A student has been granted the privilege of completing the field experience in a local school so that 
he/she may become a better teacher. A student’s attitude and behavior will determine whether or not 
other students are permitted to conduct a field experience in that school. The impression a student 
leaves may determine whether or not he/she obtains a teaching position, since he/she may eventually 
want to apply for a position in that school or area. Professional reputations follow teacher candidates 
throughout their teaching career. 
Students are expected to: 
read the Sophomore Field Experience Handbook thoroughly to ensure that he/she 
understands the various procedures.  
complete all forms and requirements in a timely and professional manner. This experience is 
the beginning of one’s involvement in an exciting and exhilarating profession. It is a student’s 
responsibility to begin to think and act as a professional. Meeting deadlines and following 
procedures are part of fulfilling professional duties.  
follow the South Dakota Professional Code of Ethics at the following address: 
consider obtaining personal liability insurance by joining student SDEA or purchasing personal 
liability insurance through an insurance agent. 
arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of the school day and report to the main office. 
turn off all electronic devices before entering the school building. 
notify the school administrator and classroom teacher in advance of any absence. In case of 
illness, call the school by 7:30 AM to let them know of your absence. If absent, it is the 
responsibility of the student to visit with the cooperating teacher and arrange for an alternate 
date. The student then must let the Director of Field Experiences know the make‐up date/s.  
maintain the confidentiality of teachers and students with whom you interact.   Any and all 
confidential matters must not be discussed outside the professional setting.   
observe and support school and classroom policies. 
dress professionally and in accordance with the cooperating school’s dress code.
Appropriate Sophomore Field Activities for Teacher Candidates 
Suggested activities for teacher candidates include:  
Observe to students in different learning environments. 
Monitor students in hallways, restrooms, or lunchrooms. 
Converse with students about academic interests.
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