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semester credit hours is required before students are permitted to enroll in EPSY 302 and students must 
have a minimum 2.5 GPA for registration in EPSY 302.)  
Length of Experience 
The Sophomore Field Experience is to be a minimum of two full days in length. Less than two full days of 
attendance will result in an incomplete in the experience. Students will be placed with one cooperating 
teacher for the two consecutive days so the student has a more realistic teaching experience     
The Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs will authorize students ‘absences. It is important to 
note that the student must visit with his/her instructors about the requirement to attend the field 
experience and offer to hand in course work early so as not to miss important information. Students 
participating in extra‐curricular activities should consult with their activity leaders. 
Cooperating Schools 
Although students are encouraged to complete the Sophomore Field Experience in their home 
communities, students who are unable to do so will be placed in or near Aberdeen. 
Sophomore Field Experience Procedures 
Pre‐Admission Semester 
The NSU student will complete the Sophomore Field Experience placement request card.   
NOTE:  The NSU student must NOT directly contact the school.  All arrangements are to be 
completed through the Office of Field Experiences.  Failure to comply with this directive may 
adversely affect placement. 
The Director of Field Experiences (GB‐110) will contact the school administrator and schedule 
the field experience.  The student and the cooperating teacher will receive confirmation of the 
placement from the Director of Field Experiences. 
Students are excused from classes to complete the Sophomore Field Experience on the assigned 
dates only.   
Students are asked to collect the Sophomore Field Experience Final Evaluation form from the 
cooperating teacher and return it to the EPSY 302 instructor. 
Students will complete a self‐evaluation online following the Sophomore Field Experience. 
Students will send a “Thank You” note to the cooperating teacher. 
The School of Education Office (GB‐112) must have a completed and signed Sophomore Field 
Experience final evaluation form and self‐evaluation on file in order for the student to receive 
credit for EPSY 302 Educational Psychology. Students receiving disposition ratings of "Needs 
Improvement" will be placed on a Plan of Assistance.
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