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Welcome to the Teacher Education program and the Sophomore Field Experience. The field experiences 
are an important part of the Teacher Education program at Northern State University. The Sophomore 
Field Experience is the first of these experiences and is designed to fulfill several important objectives of 
the education program.  
Candidates participating in field experiences will be assessed a fee, which is established by the Board of 
Regents and published annually in the NSU catalog. The Sophomore Field Experience provides a context 
within which current and future course work in the School of Education is set. It is also an opportunity to 
solidify the student’s decision to become an educator. The Sophomore Field Experience provides the 
first opportunity to reflect upon what it means to be a teacher.  
The Sophomore Field Experience affords the student an opportunity to spend two days in an elementary 
or secondary classroom observing the developmental levels of children and adolescents; in addition 
students will observe the many types of diversity (ex:  gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity).  
Pre‐admission field experiences are linked to an introductory education course, EPSY 302 Educational 
Psychology, and provide experiences and information to students as well as the opportunity for 
discussion of the experience with peers and supervisors.  Students registered for EPSY 302 Educational 
Psychology will receive specific instructions for completion of this field experience.  During their 
placements, candidates observe and assist in accordance with the course objectives.  The Director of 
Field Experiences coordinates the placements, while the K‐12 classroom teachers supervise and evaluate 
the experiences. 
Successful completion of EPSY 302 and the Sophomore Field Experience is required for admission to 
Teacher Education. The School of Education hopes this experience provides an exciting look at the 
teaching profession. 
The Sophomore Field Experience is the first step in the transition from the role of a student to the role 
of a teacher. The Sophomore Field Experience should provide opportunities for a student to participate 
in a variety of classroom experiences. Upon completion of the Sophomore Field Experience, a student 
should be able to 
Discuss current issues related to classroom management, classroom climate, developmental  
needs of students, motivational techniques and teaching strategies;  
Possess an awareness of the numerous decisions teachers make every day;  
Reflect, in a realistic manner, on what it is like to be a teacher.  
Set goals for the junior level teaching experience. 
Eligible Students 
The Sophomore Field Experience during the Pre‐Admission Semester is fulfilled while students are 
enrolled in EPSY 302 Educational Psychology. (Note: The successful completion of a minimum of 24
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