KRAMER HALL Kramer Hall, which was renovated in 2009, offers a variety of two person, three person and four person semi-suites, and four person suites. The two person semi-suites are two single rooms with a small entryway and shared bathroom. The three person semi-suites are one single room and one double room with a small entryway and shared bathroom. The four person semi-suites are two double rooms with entryway and shared bathroom. The four person suites are two double rooms, a living area and a shared bathroom. All suites and semi-suites in Kramer Hall have a small microwave/refrigerator unit for the residents to share. Due to the renovation each room is unique in measurements, however single rooms offer anywhere from 90 square feet to 120 square feet and all double rooms are over 125 square feet. All suites and semi- suites are single gender. Two Person Semi-Suite Three Person Semi-Suite Four Person Suite MCARTHUR-WELSH HALL McArthur-Welsh (McWelsh) Hall is a traditional residence hall offering mainly double rooms. Restroom facilities are located in the center part of the hall with resident’s rooms coming off of the hallway facing outward. There are a limited number of single rooms within the hall. The first and third floor of the hall house male residents and the second and fourth floor houses female residents. Below is a diagram of the standard room. All rooms are furnished as a double; single room only indicates occupancy. STEELE HALL Steele Hall, renovated in 2006, offers housing in four person/two bedroom suites. Each suite has a shared living room and bathroom and is single gender. A microwave/refrigerator combo is provided in each suite for the students to use. Single rooms in Steele Hall are only available if space permits after the third week of the semester. Standard Four Person/Two Bedroom Suite WOLVES MEMORIAL SUITES Wolves Memorial Suites opened in the fall of 2017 and provides suite and semi- suite style housing for our residents. The southern side of the building offers residents four person/two bedroom semi- suites. The northern side provides residents with a mix of two person/one bedroom suites and four person/two bedroom suites. As in our other halls, semi-suites provide students with a small entry way and a shared bathroom, where suites provide students with a shared bathroom and living room. Single rooms are not available in Wolves Memorial. Kramer Semi-Suite Single Occupancy Bedroom $3,100.00 Kramer Semi-Suite Double Occupancy Bedroom $2,370.70 Kramer Suite Double Occupancy Bedroom $2,489.65 McArthur-Welsh Hall Double Occupancy Bedroom $1,852.90 McArthur-Welsh Hall Single Occupancy Bedroom $2,356.95 Steele Suite Double Occupancy Bedroom $2,489.65 Steele Suite Single Occupancy Bedroom $3,100.00 Wolves Memorial Four Person/Two Bedroom Semi- Suite $2,595.90 Wolves Memorial Four Person/Two Bedroom Suite $2,901.30 Wolves Memorial Two Person/One Bedroom Suite $3,003.10 All Rates are per resident per semester, and are proposed rates, pending South Dakota B.O.R. approval.