Two Great NSU Student Organizations!

I am the proud advisor (or co-advisor) of two student groups here at NSU, the NSU History Club and the NSU Student Ambassadors. Read on . . .

1. NSU History Club

    Are you a NSU student who secretly wishes the dorm TV was really tuned to that A&E special on the "Sinking of the Bismarck" rather than that re-run of "Friends?" If so, then I am afraid you might be a . . . history dork. Friend, the time has come to stop running. There are actually many others just like you, and you will find a bunch of them in the NSU History Club.

    Our organization has about 20 members and hosts a number of outstanding history-related activities throughout the year, such as attending conferences (where members have pulled down prizes), showing films, taking local field trips (our weekend with some area muzzleloaders was a hoot), involvement in National History Day with local schools, and of course, spending quality time with NSU History faculty. Not only is the NSU History Club fun, but involvement can give you opportunities like working on group leadership, presenting papers at conferences, and making contacts off-campus. If you want to learn more about the award-winning NSU History Club, click here, and if you join us, bring that pocket protector.

    Northern State University does history good! We have a dedicated, hard working, and multi-award-winning staff in our History Department. Check us out by clicking here and learn more about the NSU History Department.

2. NSU Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors is Northern's premiere student service organization! Limited by our constitution to 40 members, the Student Ambassadors organization has a unique and important mission here at Northern State University. We sponsor and assist in activities throughout the year that (quoting from our constitution) "strengthen feelings of loyalty and fellowship between the community, institution, students and alumni." 
We help the different elements of the University work together better. Among our activities are our Casino Night, caring of our adopted stretch of Highway 281, assisting with Thdnmer (shown at left), and having fund-raisers for the Humane Society and NSU students in need. We sponsor a team each year for the March of Dimes WalkAmerica (shown above and left). Our members are some of the most active and recognized folks on campus . . . we get things done!
    Sound like a group with which you want to be connected? The most important prerequisite to being an Ambassador is being jazzed about NSU, and then you need to want to pitch in, and get nothing in return. If you have the right stuff, you can learn more about the multiple award-winning NSU Student Ambassadors by checking out our page, or call me at (605) 626-7795.  We put the "stud" in student group.

For more information about NSU

If you want to learn more about Northern State University, simply click here and you can zip off to NSU's homepage. Go Wolves!


Updated October 2004

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