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There are two main organizations for history students to join here at Northern.  History majors who meet the necessary academic standards are eligible to join Pi Gamma Mu, the International Honor Society in Social Science.  The History Club, formed in January 1997, won the South Dakota Board of Regents Award for Academic Excellence in 1998 and 1999.  The History Club was formed to promote interest in history on the Northern State University campus and in the surrounding community. All Northern students, staff, faculty, and alumni are welcome to join.  This active group sponsors speakers, visits academic conferences and history events, participates in National History Day, and tours museums and archives.

NSU History Club History Club

Dr. Grettler and students as we began our tour of the South Dakota Cultural and Heritage Center in Pierre.  Left to Right:
Dr. Dave, Scott, Kris, Rachel, Mikie (in front), Will, Liz, Dan, Matt (NSU History Student Intern at the Center), and Delton.
 Dr. Dias, always the wallflower, took the photo.  We were just giddy with anticipation of the History that awaited us
--Can't you tell? Making History!

NSU History Club - The Powers That Be:

The club has chosen the 2001-2002 History Club officers.  When you see them, make sure to give them all the respect and honor that their high offices deserve. The new movers and shakers in the History Club are:

  • Scott Olson - President

  • Liz Hoffman- Vice President
  • Malene Little - Secretary/Treasurer

Minutes to the meetings

NSU History Students Lay Siege on Pierre

On October 19, 2000, Dr. Dave Grettler and Dr. Ric Dias took eight NSU history students to our state capital to tour the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center.  It was not only a day to see great history, but also to learn about how items are identified as being historically significant, how antiques are saved, and how they are displayed.  We also learned how a degree in history can prepare a person for a job in this diverse and interesting field. 

The NSU History Club traveled to the Center again in 2001.  The highlights this time were seeing the WWII displays that NSU History student and Cultural Heritage Center Intern Dan Brosz created, and eating at one of South Dakota's best Italian restaurants.

Pierre Trip 2001

History Club

Here, Dr. Grettler and students check out an instrument of torture previously used by 
historians on students who cheated on exams.  Ah, the good old days, before all those
bothersome government regulations.




History ClubNSU student Matt tells us what his duties consist of at the Center.  Matt's internship has turned out to be a terrific learning experience for him and has changed his career plans



Bristol: Bright Lights, Big History

On April 1, 1999 (no foolin'), the NSU History Club sponsored our first-ever participation in judging projects for the National History Day competition.  The judging for this part of the state was held in Bristol, South Dakota, and coordinated by Bristol School social studies teacher (and NSU alum) Loren Lutz.  Six NSU students (along with History guru Ric Dias) judged written, media, and performance projects created by area students. Winners at Bristol went on to the state judging at Pierre, and from there, on to the nationals.  NSU History Club member Greg Parmeter gorged himself with tater-tot hot dish at the free lunch provided for us at  the school cafeteria and had to leave before the trophies were distributed, but he still had a great time.  We'll be back next year, and we can only hope there will be more tater-tot foods.

Loren Lutz and Mike RadkeyMr. Loren Lutz, District Director and Social Studies teacher at Bristol School with our one and only Mike Radke.








We DID go back to Bristol in Spring 2000 to judge, but the photos were tragically misplaced.  Now there's a loss.  On April 22, 2001, the NSU History Club sent 12 Northern students (and Prof. Dias) to Bristol for a command judging performance. And this time, a camera captured the magic. Our students, most of them future teachers, got a chance to apply what they have been learning in classes about creating effective, clear, and powerful history.  We racked up some terrific experience plus we all had a great time!  NSU history student Will De Line pointed out a phrase adorning a wall at Bristol School, pictured here, that caught our eye.  But did he really have to use THAT finger to make his point?

The Club/Department T-Shirt

StudentsPerhaps the most popular, and tasteless, thing the Club did the 2000-2001 year was to bring out the first-ever NSU History Club/Department T-Shirt!  Who would have thought that over 40 copies would be sold (especially with a picture of the NSU faculty on the back)? One side reads "NSU History Club - Have You Gotten Your History Lovin' Today?" while the other proclaims "NSU History - The Best Damn Department on Campus!" with a picture of Mt. Rushmore . . . altered ever so slightly to have the five NSU history faculty on the cliff rather than the four slightly better-known presidents. The wild reaction the shirts received suggest that they might be offered again, so get out that check book. Modeling the shirts here are Jodie and Liz.  The picture was taken while the shirts were nice and new, before they became stained from people hurling food at them. The shirt's creator is the acclaimed NSU student/artist/basketball star Sara Hemquist!

Homecoming 2001: Revenge of the Nerds, NSU Style

Photos of Homecoming 2001


As far as we can figure out, or can realistically imagine, for the first time in NSU's 100-year history, in 2001 the selection of Homecoming Royalty was dominated by History students!  While other departments scramble to explain away this never-before-seen History Department sweep, we can only pat ourselves on the back and say "hey, it's about dang time!"  Five of the Homecoming finalists were History students - Dara Bowser, Shanna Dahl, Becky Valdez, the lovely Brett Clarke and the oh-so-hot Houston Reed.  Dara won the coveted Queen title and proudly donned the tiara in the televised event, but all of us associated with the Department now think of ourselves a little differently. It is rumored that Dave Grettler now checks himself out in windows and mirrors as he walks by them.  Thanks one and all!

Above is a picture of the Queen and King,  Dara and Andy. Click on the highlighted text  under this photo to see pictures of NSU's  History Poster Children.

USD Student History Conference

Every year Professors Ric Dias and Dave Grettler drive a University van full-o-students down to the USD's Student History Conference held in Vermillion.  This year, 2002, four students  attended: one presented a paper.