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Advisor:  Dr. Alyssa Kiesow

The Northern State University Science Club is a great organization. 

The goals of the organization are to provide science information, knowledge of careers in the sciences field, some benefit to the community and an atmosphere of support and friendship to any student on campus. 

Aside from many meetings and fundraisers we play games, have parties, and try to have


The main organized events we do are:

Fall Retreat:  Every first weekend in the fall a group of upperclassmen and the freshman of the IDL 199 - Success in Science class go to NeSoDak (near Waubay, SD) in order to have a good time and to learn about being a science major. All expenses are paid for incoming freshmen!  A major benefit is that it allows the freshman to get to know the upperclassmen, creating a support net. The weekend if filled with games, a digital scavenger hunt, good food, swimming, a water competition, and just plain monkeying around.

Fall Retreat Fall Retreat

Halloween Party: One thing the science club tries to do is get together to watch videos, have some food, and have some time to relax away stress of the school year. These pictures in the top row are from the 2003 Halloween Costume Party, showing bobbing for apples, the 'mummification' that took and place and some of the creative costumes.  The 2nd row has pictures from the 2004 Halloween party; at left is Dr. LA with her husband and a former Biology student;, in the center is Dr. Koczon concentrating hard on her task (there were prizes involved); at right is Dr. Ramsay being mummified!   

Halloween  Halloween  Halloween

 Halloween  Halloween  Halloween

Fundraisers: One aspect of going on the trips and having parties is that we need to make a little money. This does take some time commitment and work, but it also very rewarding and fun. Some of the things we do are plant sales, Tye dye t-shirt sales, dances and our major one is the date auction (seen to left). The money we raise goes to landscaping Habitat for Humanity homes, parties, fall retreat and spring trip.

(Tie Dying is a good time.)

Tye-Dye  Tye-Dye  Tye-Dye

Spring Trip:  Every spring the science club tries to go out and see the area, explore the world of science and have a good time. We have gone to Minneapolis in order to see 1 of 2 American free-floating bog, Como Zoo and science museum. We have gone to Sioux Falls to see the nature trail, falls, behind the scenes at the Great Plains Zoo, and the Kirby Science Discovery Center. We also go to a restaurant in the area and try some different types of food.

Spring Trip

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