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These pages have been phased out as new vacancies are added to WolfWork.  In the future, only those vacancies that do not conform to the WolfWork format and those links in the Classified Ads & Other Online Listings will be maintained here.

  • Classified Ads & Other Online Listings

  • Go to WolfWork, login at the Student Login with your WebAdvisorID and your student ID number, then search Jobs by selecting they Position Type (full-time, part-time, internship, student labor, or work-study).  You can also narrow your search by selecting other criteria such as Major or Job Category.  Please call or email if you have any difficulty with the system.  Alumni are welcome to register at the student login page (just below the login boxes), and use any number as your ID.

  • Check the new Jobs Bulletin Board in the hallway on second floor of the Student Center: info regarding internships, workshops, part-time, student labor, work-study, and full-time jobs, as well as graduate school.

  • Looking to work/teach overseas?  Try these resources to help you decide.

Employers who advertise their vacancies on these pages have not been screened, recommended, or approved by Northern State University. It is the responsibility of all job applicants to determine the credibility, integrity, and financial responsibility of any prospective employer. We reserve the right and discretion to refuse the posting of any job that is not in the best interests of students and alumni.

Employers: to list vacancies, please email us at, fax to 605-626-3399, or call 605-626-2372.

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