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Robert Vodnoy portrait

Whiting Park Festival Orchestra 2005

Midori Super String Day in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Photographs show Midori with the South Dakota Chapter of ASTA, talking with Robert Vodnoy; talking to a massed string orchestra of students from Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, and Rapid City; and Maestro Vodnoy conducting the 275-member string orchestra in a rehearsal and performance at Lincoln High School. The event was part of a Midori Residency sponsored by the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra in April, 2008.

AUCS Rehearsal in Washington Pavilion

AUCS rehearses in Washington Pavilion

Massed HS Orchestra Rehearsal

Massed HS Orchestra Rehearsal

Massed HS Orchestra Rehearsal of Frescobaldi Toccata

Midori sits in the Orchestra

Midori with members of SDSTA at lunch

Vodnoy and Midori discuss bowing

Vodnoy talks with Midori during break

Vodnoy and Midori after performance

Aberdeen University/Civic Symphony

Conducting 1

Full Orchestra

Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra (SMSO) 2005

Fourth of July

Conducting 1

Conducting 2

Conducting 3

Conducting 4